Sociology Collective

By graduate students, for graduate students. 

The sociology collective is a student run organization that works to support graduate students

Every year the sociology collective runs from September to May. Due to student support, the sociology collective is able to assist others in the program by scheduling meetings with the department, answering questions, and fielding issues. The sociology collective works for the graduate students best interests! Check out Our Mission below to see our current and past Soc Coll Leaders!

Recent Events

Join the Sociology Collective

The sociology collective is comprised of current graduate students in the sociology program. Come join us and participate in bi-weekly meetings about graduate life, informational seminars, and the program. We hope to make graduate life fun, inclusive, and a community effort.

The Sociology Collective hosted a emergency dialogue on current social and political injustices surrounding Black Lives Matter, BIPOC, and International student experiences.

In the fall the Sociology Collective submitted documents to the department to improve the graduate program for all students.